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As a mother and an obstetrician, I have both a personal and professional understanding of what should be the most exciting time of your life. One thing I know is that you deserve to enjoy your pregnancy. You deserve to feel informed, involved and empowered when it comes to all stages and decisions before, during and after your pregnancy. This is my goal when supporting you and I strive for this by providing continuity of care.

I offer bespoke pregnancy care. This means I commit to a limited number of births per month so that I can provide each patient with the best care and continuity. I will see you for all your antenatal appointments and I will help you birth your baby. This will allow us to develop a relationship of trust. You will be supported and listened to during your pregnancy, labour and birth. You will know what your birthing options are, and you will be involved in decision making. This is what empowering women is all about.

I am aware that pregnancy, labour and birth is not always perfect, and I have over 10 years of experience in managing the issues that can arise. Most of this experience is in very busy tertiary units in Brisbane. So, while I am all about patient choice and low intervention, I am also very skilled at operative birth, including instrumental vaginal births and caesarean sections.

My continuity promise means I will support you through your postnatal journey as well. I can connect you with some of the best lactation consultants, infant settling support, and paediatricians in Brisbane. I can also connect you with parents’ groups so that you can get relatable support from other new families.

I look forward to caring for you and your growing family while you enjoy your pregnancy.

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